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Though movies are not quite a true reflection of reality, we have to admit that people can grab a thing or two . Moreso, we are able to really have a good time while we are doing it. The same thing goes for poker pictures. We view brilliant moves that could not ever happen in real life. Yet that agen judi ignore the fact that we can truly have a excellent time and maybe learn something from such pictures. So this really is the very first section of a poker pictures series I’ve been writing…

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is among the classic poker movies. The movie was actually based on a novel written by Richard Jessup. From the movie, Steve McQueen Performs The Kid. Additionally, it includes Edward G. Robinson as Lancey Howard. Place in Louisiana, the picture’s theme song is Ray Charles. A word of warning before we proceed on – spoilers ahead!

Both chief characters mentioned previously come at two different positions from the area of poker. The Kid can be really a young poker player who has his whole future ahead of him while Howard (known The Man) is a veteran poker master. The Kid discovers that The Man is at the city so he decides to call him outside for a poker game. Another essential character is Shooter, The Kid’s friend. He plays with the part of the dealer in the match.

Together with four other players,” The Kid and The Man start out the big game. A huge part of the movie shows poker activity while the players drop out one by one. Towards the end, just The Kid and The Man are left since they play each flip heads up. The spin can be found in the very fact Slade, another poker player that was beaten badly by The Man has blackmailed Shooter into cheating in The Kid’s favor. The Kid characters this out and browbeats Shooter to dealing it right. After a rest from the game, Shooter gets replaced by yet another dealer. The last hand ends with a climactic (or even anti climactic, depending on your point of view) triumph by The Man.

The movie was launched in DVD last year and contains assorted extras such as a commentary track by the director, a few selected scenes out of Celebrity Poker Showdown, and more. You may receive this DVD from most any shop offline or online.

To finish this article, below are a few quotable quotes from the movie…

“It’s a joy to meet someone who understands that to the true gambler, money is never an end by itself, it’s simply something, being a language would be always to thought.” – The Man

“Gets down to what it’s all about, does it not? Making the wrong move at the right time.” – The Man

Therefore why don’t you get yourself a replica of the movie and see it on the weekend?

Happy viewing!


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